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Rotary Club of San Fernano City North conducts Zumba at the Poro Point Baywalk.

March 18, 2023



The Rotary Club of San Fernando City North is currently having its Zumba activity at the Poro Point Baywalk from 5pm – 7pm with almost 100 participants.

The “Zoomba 2023” is an online and on-site zumba fitness activity, which is a fundraising event for the Rotary’s beneficiaries.

Make your events and activities happen here at the Poro Point Baywalk with Events Center.
For more details and inquiries, please contact us at :
☎️ 072-888-5956 072-242-4016

Poro Point Management Corporation

The Poro Point Freeport Zone used to house the former Wallace Air Station. The enactment of Republic Act 7227 (Bases Conversion and Development Act) on March 19, 1992 and Proclamation No. 216 on July 27, 1993 effectively transferred the stewardship of the Freeport to the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) to facilitate its conversion into a productive economic growth center.

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