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PPMC holds Emergency Response Drill for AICAT.

November 16, 2022



Poro Point Management Corporation’s (PPMC) Crash, Fire & Rescue (CFR) and Environmental Management and Health Services (EMHS) Teams spearheaded an emergency response drill for the AAG International Center for Aviation Training (AICAT) on November 14, 2022.

As part of AICAT’s safety program and in preparation for the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) inspection, AICAT has requested PPMC to conduct the said training.

A total of 39 attendees from Aircraft Maintenance Operations and Aircraft Maintenance Trainees participated in the training activities on basic aerodrome firefighting, basic use of fire extinguishers, and earthquake awareness and drill.


PPMC Nurse Joanne Macagba gives a lecture on earthquake awareness and drills.
AICAT employees and trainees execute the earthquake drill.
PPMC Fire Chief Anthony Hidalgo and Nurse Joanne Macagba facilitate the earthquake drill.
An AICAT trainee uses the fire extinguisher.
PPMC Firefighters Michael Tagalog and Rogelio Petran demonstrate the proper connection of fire hose.
PPMC Firefighter Nelson Flores teaches the proper handling of the fire hose.
PPMC Firefighter Ernie Dulay oversees the actual firefighting training.
PPMC CFR & EMHS Teams together with AICAT’s Aircraft Maintenance Operations and Aircraft Maintenance Trainees.


Poro Point Management Corporation

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