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San Fernando Airport

The Poro Point Freeport Zone is home to the San Fernando Airport. Classified as a community airport, the 40.5 hectare San Fernando Airport brings the people closer to the pristine beaches of La Union, the scenic beauty of Baguio City, the cultural heritage of Ilocos and other world-class facilities in the North.

The San Fernando Airport has the following facilities:

Runway: 2120 x 45 meters, two (2) taxi-ways with a combined area of 4,443.20 sq. m.; Apron: 15,00 sq. m.; New Control Tower Building, Passenger Terminal Building, Fire Station Building, Water Receiving Station, Power and Communication System, Aeronautical Ground Lighting System, Automatic Weather Observation System and Air Traffic Control Console Equipment.

The San Fernando Airport has already positioned itself as a choice of destination for Aviation Training with at least sixteen (16) accredited aviation schools in the Philippines using the airport for long cross-country flight training.


The San Fernando International Seaport is a 30-hectare seaport managed and operated by Poro Point Industrial Corporation. The seaport, which has three (3) pier structures, is ideal for many types of inbound and outbound bulk cargoes and can accommodate all types of vessels from Cruise Ships, Roll-On, Roll-Off (RORO) Vessels, Motor Tugboats, Passenger Vessels to Fishing Boats.

Another pier under the Seaport Authority of PPMC is the Soiltech Pier. The Soiltech Pier is a Private Commercial Pier operated and managed by Soiltech Integrated Port Terminal Services, Inc. It has one (1) pier structure and can cater to bulk cargoes.

Mixed – Used Commercial Area

Another Area for investment is the approximately 52-hectare Mixed-Use Area.

The new Master Development Plan of the Poro Point Freeport Zone envisions the Zone as the Poro Point Marine Headlands, a secure peninsula town offering innovation and education. The land uses of Poro Point Marine Headlands have been planned to create an economically and sustainably healthy mix of commercial, residential, office, retail, institutional, hospitality, recreational, and transportation activities for a new community in North Luzon.

A mixed land use program will ensure accessibility to uses and services within close proximity to each other and, thereby, helping to create a livable community in Poro Point Marine Headlands.

Tourism Complex

The Poro Point Freeport Zone offers the perfect blend for business and leisure. PPFZ is now a proud host to Thunderbird Resorts, a world-class integrated resort with hotel, golf, gaming, recreation components and residential development. The transformation of the 65.5 hectares tourism complex leased to Thunderbird Pilipinas Hotels and Resorts, Inc. has well positioned the PPFZ as a tourist destination in Northern Luzon.

Poro Point Baywalk Commercial Area

The Poro Point Baywalk with Events Center is an infrastructure inside the PPFZ that will further enhance the competitiveness of the Zone in attracting more locators. The 1.3-kilometer baywalk has bicycle lane, parks and playground, gazebos and an open-type amphitheater which is open for various events. 

The baywalk also has a Commercial Strip that is open for lease to all interested developers and to local business owners and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). A total of 44 cut lots with an area of 400 square meters per cut-lot are available for lease.

Poro Point Ligthouse

A distinct landmark in the Poro Point Freeport Zone is a lighthouse called the Poro Point Lighthouse. The apex of the lighthouse is the highest elevation of the peninsula thus allowing a 360-degree unobstructed view of the panoramic landscape of the PPFZ. Bounded on the west by the West Philippine Sea and on the east by the San Fernando Bay, one can experience the beautiful sunrises and sunsets La Union is known for. Atop the Poro Point Lighthouse, a tourist gets glimpse of the best that PPFZ can offer. 

The Poro Point Lighthouse serves as a beacon for ships and boats plying the sea at night. The 6-hectare lighthouse is under the jurisdiction of the Philippine Coast Guard.

Poro Point Management Corporation

The Poro Point Freeport Zone used to house the former Wallace Air Station. The enactment of Republic Act 7227 (Bases Conversion and Development Act) on March 19, 1992 and Proclamation No. 216 on July 27, 1993 effectively transferred the stewardship of the Freeport to the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) to facilitate its conversion into a productive economic growth center.

Gov. Joaquin L. Ortega Ave. (Formerly Pennsylvania Ave.) San Fernando City 2500, La Union Philippines