Responsibilities of the Board



Responsibilities of the Board
 Board composition
a. Ex- officio (Not Applicable)
b. Appointive

 Approved schedules of board meetings (please include when the schedule was approved)
Schedule of Board Meetings 2015
Schedule of Board Meetings 2014
Role of the board in corporate strategy,
How does the board oversee the implementation of the corporate strategy?
When did the board review the corporate strategy?

 Code of Ethics
(Link to Code of Ethics)
(Explain who is covered by the code or who is required to comply with the code and how they monitor compliance with the code)
 Board committees’ accomplishment report
Board Attendance 2015
Board Attendance 2014
 Access to information (board materials)
Internal Control (including Internal Audit) and Risk management system
Board appraisal system
a. Criteria
b. Procedure
Corporate Secretary
 (Link to PES) –ask GCG if applicable

PES 2015
PES 2014

Disclosure and Transparency

 Audited Financial Reports
Timely Filing/ Release of Annual Financial Reports CY2014
2015 Annual Report

2014 Annual Report

State the location of the following information in the annual report/audited annual financial report
Corporate objectives
 Financial performance indicators
PES 2015
PES 2014
 Non-financial performance indicators
PES 2015
PES 2014
Details of whistle blowing policy
Biographical details (at least age, qualifications, date of first appointment, relevant experience, and any other directorships of listed companies) of directors/commissioners
Training and/or continuing education programme attended by each director/commissioner
 Statement of full compliance with the code of CG
 Review of the GOCC’s material controls (including operational, financial and compliance controls) and risk management systems
 Statement from the Board of Directors or Audit Committee commenting on the adequacy of the GOCC's internal controls/risk management systems

Corporate Social Responsibility
a. Customers’ welfare
 Policies
 Activities
b. Interaction with the communities
 Policies
 Activities
c. Environmentally-friendly value chain
 Policies
 Activities
d. Contact details for complaints of other stakeholders
Stakeholder Feedback Form
e. Employees’ welfare and development
 Welfare (policies, programs and relevant data)
 Training and development (programs and relevant data)
Whistle blowing policy and procedures (including protection of reporting employee/s from retaliation)